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CBS Reality
Click For Murder
10 x 1 hour
The internet has changed the way we live. It has changed the way we shop, the way we date, and the way we work. It has also changed the way we kill.

In the comfort and security of our own homes, we feel that we are safe. You wouldn’t... let a stranger into your home and especially not your bedroom. However, every time we log in online to Facebook, dating sites, fan clubs, chat rooms or online gaming, that is exactly what we are doing.

Presented by renowned television crime journalist Donal MacIntyre, Click For Murder exposes the darker side of our ever-growing cyber world, where one mistake can cost you your life. This chilling series reveals some of the most disturbing crimes in recent history, in which the internet was used as a tool to trick, torture and kill innocent victims, lured from a virtual world where nothing was as it seemed.

In each self-contained episode, Donal explores a different murder: examining the role that the internet and social networks played in triggering or facilitating the fatal act of violence. The story of the murder is pieced together through evidence from personal interviews with family and former friends of the killers and victims, journalists and others who covered the story, visits to key sites connected with the crimes, archive material of the killers and footage of their arrests and trials, and impressionistic drama reconstructions – both of online interactions and of the crimes themselves.

In his ‘Investigation Lab’, Donal meets with notable criminal psychologists and cybercrime experts to draw new conclusions and shed fresh light on these horrific acts of violence. The motivation behind each cyber killing is revealed, as we build up a picture of the dark and deadly virtual world in which both perpetrator and victim lived, and how their online meeting ultimately led to murder.

Through slick storytelling and expert analysis, Click For Murder exposes the true dangers of social media, makes us question the amount of personal information we share online, and gives viewers an insight to ensure they will never become victims themselves.

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Starring: Donal MacIntyre
Produced By: Emporium Productions
Broadcaster: CBS Reality | Year of Production: 2017