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6 x 1 hr
From the makers of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, this new six part series follows the everyday goings on at Shred and Butta, an upcycling car yard with a difference. Whether it’s testing the possibility of creating a caravan suspended in the sky,... so you never miss out on a stunning view, or simply taking your best friend's car (while he's out on a job), cutting the roof off before installing a hot tub and hoping that not only will he not mind, he'll actually like it, this series is fun and entertaining as well as full of clever ideas to turn a vehicle into something entirely different to its original purpose!

But it’s not all fun and games. For Jim, Paul, Scotty and the two Bens there is actual work to be done. The team make people’s dreams come true: from converting an American school bus into a luxury hotel, a transit van into a mobile barbershop and creating a mobile wakeboarding camper van that defies the laws of physics (and storage space).

And if pushing the boundaries for clients isn’t enough then revel in Jim’s own personal projects – anyone for merging two double decker buses, side by side, to create a ‘mega decker’ customised living space?

This unique show follows Jim and his team of ace angle grinders and craftsmen in a series that's set to become one addiction you won’t want to kick.

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Produced By: Plum Pictures
Broadcaster: Quest | Year of Production: 2021
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