10 October

Channel 4/KEO Films campaigning doc focuses on hope not helplessness. First licence deal for all-star series signed with Spains Movistar Plus+

Hat Trick International (HTI), the UK-based factual and scripted distributor, is launching a campaigning two-part finished documentary and format that explores the solutions that already exist to the climate crisis and urges government and big business to kick-start positive, real-world change.

Climate Change: The Solutions (2 x 60 mins), which is set to air on Channel 4 later this year, is fronted by three of the UKs best-known faces: Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud, celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Mary Queen of Shops Portas. It is produced by award-winning UK indie KEO Films, a Passion Pictures company, which has a strong track record in delivering ratings-winning content with something to say, such as BBC Twos Exodus: Our Journey to Europe, Channel 5s Extinction Rebellion: The Inside Story and BBC Ones Hughs War on Waste.

The two-part documentary, which has already been acquired by Movistar Plus+ Spain ahead of its international debut at MIPCOM, explores the plan put in place by experts for Britain, and indeed the world, to transition to a carbon-free way of life. Guided by respected climate experts, McCloud, Fearnley-Whittingstall and Portas will focus on key areas such as energy, housing, and oil and gas subsidies. They will also ask questions of industry, experts and those in power, and create eye-catching stunts designed to highlight their view that the solutions to climate change do already exist they just need to be implemented.

Sarah Tong, HTIs international sales director, said: There are numerous programmes out there about climate change, but many are perceived as doom-and-gloom stories that leave the viewer feeling fearful rather than empowered and inspired. By contrast, KEOs ground-breaking documentary focuses on hope not helplessness. At MIPCOM, well not only be closing more deals for the UK show, but were also hoping that international channels and platforms will buy the format and help spread the word across the world.

Channel 4 head of factual entertainment Alf Lawrie, who commissioned Climate Change: The Solutions, said: Viewers know climate change is happening and theyre scared about it. What they dont know is how to stop it. This series is designed to start plugging that knowledge gap.

KEO Films creative director Will Anderson, who executive produced the documentary with series producer Martha Delap (Kitchen Nightmares; Mary Berry: Love to Cook), added: The combined knowledge and expertise of Keven McCloud, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Mary Portas make the complex issue of climate change accessible and understandable for all viewers. We hope this series tackles the urgent issue of climate change in a positive and inspiring way.