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Room 101 (new version)
/  UK: BBC One

S1 (8 x 30 mins), S2 (8 x 30 mins), S3 (8 x 30 mins), S4 (8 x 30 mins), S5 (8 x 30 mins), S6 (8 x 30 mins), S7 (8 x 30 mins)
Total: 56 x 30 mins
People are at their most articulate and passionate when slagging things off...

In this new version of 'Room 101', three celebrities compete to banish their top peeve, annoyance, or worst nightmare to the depths of 'Room 101' forever. Each... guest's aim is to win each round by putting forward the best argument to convince the host of the true awfulness of their pet hate. If successful, the host opens the doors of 'Room 101' and the despised object is removed from the world forever.

Each round is themed by topic, such as 'People', 'Modern Life', 'TV Programmes', or 'Weddings'. The show culminates with the most successful guest (whoever gets the most items put into 'Room 101') being allowed to put a bonus item into 'Room 101' completely unchallenged.

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Starring: Frank Skinner
Produced By: Hat Trick Productions
Broadcaster: UK: BBC One | Year of Production: 2012 - 2018
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